Ultimate VIP

Ultimate Fight Night Package (for a group of up to 10 people)

  • Limo pick-up at one location within 25 miles of Silver Eagle Group (at approximately 3-3:30 in order to arrive at Silver Eagle Group by 4 PM)
  • Gun range time from 4 PM to 5 PM that includes:

o   Gun rental

o   One box of ammo

o   Eye and ear protection

o   One range observer

  • Private VIP reception in Founders’ Room from 5 PM to 6:30 PM that includes:

o   FREE light apps

o   Open bar

o   VIP hostess

  • Cage-side table from 6:30 PM to the end of the event that includes:

o   50 FREE Hot Hooters Wings

o   2 FREE One topping Domino’s pizzas

o   FREE sodas and water

o   (Other food and drink are available for purchase and are NOT included in package price)

  • Photo ops with Cage Girls
  • Limo drop-off at location where group was picked-up (any other use of the limo is not included but may be worked out with driver for additional cost if limo is available)


*NOTE: As group members are likely to consume alcohol, Silver Eagle Group requires that their guns be used for range time and that no one bring their guns with them.

Contact us at vip@oofights.com to book this package now or for more info.

Price for Ultimate Fight Night Package is $2,000.

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